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From start-up to upgrades, PCLauderdale is a holistic computing solution provider for any business at any stage. We Make IT Easy and help you think beyond the box.


Cloud Service

Are you “out there”? Cloud computing can transport your phone / PBX system, servers and applications to the Internet – lowering costs, increasing efficiency and improving productivity. At PC Lauderdale, every cloud project is customized to the client’s specific needs – delivering an affordable, usable, scalable solution duplicated nowhere else.

Managed Networks

With world-class solutions and proactive service, we proactively manage client networks, enterprise servers and email applications to identify and head off situations – before they become problems. We monitor operations, install and test new updates and releases, and manage your entire network – 24/7.

Remote Monitoring

Using the latest Citrix solutions, we monitor systems – whether they’re on an Exchange network or a small office with individual desktops. With ’round-the-clock, remote access to log on, we can identify, diagnose and solve any problem across the network – even before you’ve even recognized an issue.

Internet Security

Are you safe from hacker attacks, intrusion, viruses, malware, spyware and other Internet security and privacy threats? We deploy the latest Internet security solutions to protect client networks, PCs and mobile devices with filters, firewalls and intrusion detection systems that can prevent threats from ever reaching the network. Don’t trust “free” security software found on the Internet. Our security suites are reasonably priced and ready for the toughest assignments.

Data & Voice Services

From professional offices to hotel rooms, data and voice services are changing how calls are made and data is delivered. Faster than traditional Internet transmission speeds, we work with the industry’s leading providers to serve up phone, data and even digital and high-definition television in a redundant model that’s quick, reliable and 100% backed up.

eDocuments & Paperless Office

You’ve installed that new eDocuments solution in your legal, accounting, healthcare, real estate or professional services firm – and still have issues? We’ll ease your transition from paper  to paperless. We’re versed in the latest solutions and can secure licenses, set up applications, optimize high-speed scanners and design digital filing systems. When we’re done, your software works – and your data is backed up, secure and accessible from the cloud.

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